About Me

About Me

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I am an artist, mother, and maker of mischief (not necisarily in that order). 

I worked in Product Development for Hallmark Cards for 15 years working on everything from Christmas Cards to Gift Products. I got to design a lot of really cool products and be involved in the process of producing them and pitching collections to retail channels.

From there I went into Corporate Communications and B2B Marketing for the A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industries. I helped engineers curate their messages into engaging presentations that the rest of us non-engineers could understand!

Now, I’m combining my two previous careers into my own business. By combining Design and Marketing into a single source, I can provide what Ad Agencies employ a whole team of experts to do! Why pay a Strategist, a Social Media expert, a Website Designer, a Graphic Designer and a Marketing Manager? You can get all that combined in one person, ME!

My Staff

My energetic staff is also eager to please. They enjoy good design, well-crafted messages, and fetching things for me. They don’t like websites with broken links, bad clip art, or pillows on couches.

Jinx & Rowdy take office surveillance very seriously. I always know when the mail has arrived, Amazon had delivered, or if there is a bird in the yard.