Logos – Identity – Branding

Transparent Brewing Company Website  ©AMD2020

Transparent Brewing Company is a modern microbrewery and taproom with reclaimed wood and metals. They wanted a neighborhood pub feel and to be approachable and ‘transparent’ with their brand voice.

Transparent Brewing Company Beer Labels  ©AMD2020

I created the artwork for Transparent Brewing Company’s 8 core beers. They needed to hold together as a group and be strong enough designs on their own that the owner could sell stickers.

Understacks Website  ©AMD2020

Understacks is a company that makes and sells custom performance racing parts. They wanted a sales funnel based on the type of customer that would be visiting their site. Racing Professionals and Muscle Car Hobbyist are directed to content curated for their specific automotive needs. 

Understacks Logo  ©AMD2020

Understacks  wanted a logo that nods to what they sell. Understacks is a stacked aftermarket part for the engine that enhances performance. the Racing stripes speaks to the racing aspect and where the lines intersect the “U” shows how different Understacks can be combined.

Chive’s Website  ©AMD2020

Chive Cafe & Market is a farm to table Cafe & Market that sources food from local organic farms. They wanted a website that would be easy for them to change the menu weekly as the inventory changes seasonally. Their focus is to educate the customer on the benefits of sustainable farming practices as well as offer organic food options.

Chive’s “Bug Club” Logo  ©AMD2020

Chive Cafe & Market is a farm to table cafe that sources food from local organic farms. They wanted to create the “Bug Club” as a fun way to deal with the fact that because no pesticides were used, they might from time to time find a bug in some of the fresh produce sold in the market.

Missouri Mothers of Twins Club 2020 Convention Logo  ©AMD2020

The Missouri Mothers of Twins Club needed a logo for their annual conference. They wanted something that spoke to the need to relax and get away as well as something people would want to have on a t-shirt to wear later.

Turnbuckle Logo  ©AMD2019

Turnbuckle Studio is a modern industrial furniture brand. I wanted to use a real turnbuckle in the logo. Here was a sheet of concept drawnings.

My Dynamic Brain Website  ©AMD2017

My Dynamic Brain teaches children to take care of their brain as if it were a pet. They learn what the brain needs to thrive and how they are responsible for it’s growth and development.

My Dynamic Brain Logo  ©AMD2017

My Dynamic Brain is a project my friend Beth & I have been working on for a while now.  Since I was working with Education, Brain Development, and Creativity, I took a fun, pattern forward approach to the logo and identity. 

Tanglewood Bakery Branding ©AMD2015

I did an overall branding strategy for Tanglewood Bakery. Using warm tones, woodgrain, burlap, and metal, I gave the brand a modern artisan feel. I crafted a french inspired bakery brand for Tanglewood Bakery. I used natural fiber papers with one color printing so they could print their bread labels themselves on a home printer.

Clark Riddle wine maker identity & Elderberry Wine Logo ©AMD2014

Clark Riddle was trying to break into the wine making scene. I made the wine label for his Elderberry Wine when he mentioned that he wanted a fun, slightly irreverent identity for his business card and stationery.

Dillybean Design Logo ©AMD2012

Dillybean Design is a custom clothing line for children created by Stacey Jones. She wanted a bold and fun brand that incorporated graphic patterns and bright colors.

Blue Springs Public Art Commission Logo ©AMD2010

I was on the Public Art Commission for the city of Blue Springs from 2008 – 2013. In that time I helped bring a yearly themed public art installation to the city. Below are some of the event logos I created for the city.

Blue Springs Public Art Commission
Inspired Visions Public Art Show ©AMD2011

Blue Springs Public Art Commission
Time In Place Public Art Show ©AMD2010

Blue Springs Public Art Commission
The Wall that Heals Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial ©AMD2010

Blue Springs Public Art Commission
Serendipity Public Art Show ©AMD2009

Little Masters Logo ©AMD2007

Little Masters was an art program I designed and taught to elementary school aged children at the Blue Springs Arts Council gallery space. Each week we studied a new artist and created a piece of artwork in their style.

Blue Springs Arts Council Logo ©2012 AMD

Blue Springs Arts Council Logo ©AMD2007

I founded the Blue Springs Arts Council in 2007 from a need I saw within the local arts community. There were artist looking for a place to share and sell their work as well as feel part of a creative community. We were able to rent space at White Oak Plaza in Blue Springs.