If you are just starting out on your Entrepreneurial journey, Congratulations! 

It’s this fearlessness to step out into the unknown that sets Entrepreneurs apart from Dreamers. 

Starting a company may sound daunting, but most can be launched quicker and easier than you imagined. Plus, you have ME here to help guide you through essential steps you will need to take to be successful.

Top Questions I am Asked:

What steps do I need to take to start a company? 

Do I really need a website? 

What is the difference between a logo and branding?

What do I need to do to create my brand? 

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With all the “business stuff” in place, we are now ready for the FUN part, BRAND DEVELOPMENT! 

It’s now time to really think about who you will be in the retail space. 

What is your Vision and Mission? Who are your ideal customers? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? These can sound daunting, but if you can fill out mad-libs, you can develop a Vision Statement!


This guide will help you discover brand elements, your brand purpose, and brand story.

So easy a Five-year-old can do it!

Vision Statement:
Our Vision at “Ninja Dragons” is to “train a dragon army” that creates a positive impact by “teaching dragons not to roar fire” in the world.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission at “Ninja Dragons” is to “make the world a safer place” for “people, villagers, and Hobbits” by “creating a program that teaches dragons not to roar fire in the world.” (ok, I helped a little with the wording on this one)

Age 5

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